How it Works


Step One—Design & Detailed Bid

Sign up for this service and one of our professional kitchen designers will visit you at your home and plan your kitchen with you—this includes three dimensional renderings of your kitchen as the process goes along.

Our designer will calculate the price for the work. Moreover, we will provide you with a detailed, line item bid, covering all costs for the project.

The cost for this service is $200 - 300

Design: 4 Hours

Bid preparation: 12 Days

[Delightful Kitchens] paid a lot of attention to the small details and came up with creative solutions to work around the idiosyncrasies of our house.
— Donna M., via Houzz

Step Two—Demolition & Carpentry

Unlike what you may see on HGTV, we do not use sledge hammers to perform demolitions—except in rare cases!

Our highly skilled carpenters and installers will carefully remove old cabinets and make sure no one gets hurt. We often remove fur-downs, dropped ceilings and walls.

Our services include opening up structural walls—based on exact engineering specifications.

Demolition: 1 Day

Structural adjustments: 12 Days


The crew was professional. They discussed their plans with us during the process and thought of details. The end result was spectacular, on budget. We look forward to working with them in the future!
— Ghislaine B., via Houzz

Step Three—Electrical & Plumbing

Under-cabinet-lights provide great functionality and a wonderful aesthetic impact on a kitchen. Getting electrical supply to the right spots is crucial.

Another upgrade to consider are recessed can lights, which is something we can do.

Additional plugs and switches are also dealt with during this phase.

Plumbing changes can include running new supply and drain lines to a new kitchen island.

Electrical & Plumbing: 13 Days

Delightful Kitchens did an IKEA kitchen installation for me. They were well-organized, courteous, efficient, on time and on-budget. They promised a lot and they still over-delivered.
— Florence S., via Houzz

Step Four—Sheetrock, Texture & Paint

Depending on the condition, we typically replace the old backsplash sheetrock area—providing a smooth surface for tiling. 

Backsplash is the paneling, as that attached to the back of a stovetop or to the wall behind a kitchen countertop, to protect against splashed liquids.

Matching older textures require the skill of an experienced professional and that's what we provide. Fresh paint makes for a clean look to any kitchen and is highly recommended as part of your project scope.

Sheetrock, texture & Paint: 13 Days

This was our first remodeling. It was easier than expected due to all the resources that [Delightful Kitchens] provides. If I ever had to do another kitchen remodel, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Daniel again.
— Liesel K., via Houzz

Step Five—Floor, Tile & Grout

It’s easier to install new flooring before the new cabinets go in. This allows for the work space to be wide open with no risk of damaging new cabinets.

Also, some cabinets provide a snap-on toe kick. This allows for easy deep cleaning if your floor runs all the way under the cabinets.

If your kitchen footprint changes and all that's needed are to patch some areas, we can do that—providing the material can be sourced.

We have sub contractors who provide tile removal.

Flooring: 14 Days

Contractor (Tom) did great work and was very professional and timely. We love our new kitchen and would recommend them! We have plans to hire them again for upcoming bathroom remodel.
— Baxter K., via Houzz

Step Six—Cabinet Installation

We specialize in installing frameless European cabinets from suppliers such as IKEA, Home Depot, Lowe’s as well as online suppliers such as CliqStudios.

These products provide excellent value, however, require professional installers.

Our experience in this area is what sets us apart from most other kitchen remodeling companies. This is also why our kitchens are priced so competitively.

Cabinet installation: 24 Days

The project went very well. The folks were great to work with and well qualified. We are quite happy with our new kitchen and recommend Delightful Kitchens.
— Terry C.

Step Seven—Countertop Installation

This is a two-step process.

First a template is made once the cabinets are fully installed. The template measures any slight imperfections, such as a curve in your wall. This is used to manufacture the countertop. We offer a temporary countertop and sink installation service—highly recommended for busy families who need a fully functioning kitchen. (Eating out gets old!)

Template: 1 Day

Manufacture: 712 Days, countertop install: 1 Day

Delightful Kitchens did a fantastic job! It took less than one month to finish everything and that’s with permits included. Porter went above and beyond to make things exactly the way that we wanted!
— Heather D.C, via Houzz

Step Eight—Final Plumbing

Oh the joys of running water! 

During this step we will hook up your sink and faucet. Sinks are typically put in place by the countertop installers. Once the sink is firmly set, we install the drain lines, disposal (if you have one), and water supply lines. 

A container is placed under the sink to make sure you are protected against drips or small leaks. It gets removed once final quality control is done.

Final Plumbing: 1 Day

I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality of my kitchen remodel. They did a masterful job in ensuring all aspects of the work were completed on time and on budget.
— Alicia G., via Houzz

Step Nine—Backsplash Tile & Trim

We install a lot of regular ceramic subway tile—a great choice for most kitchens. Backsplash tiles provide an opportunity for putting your own creative stamp on your kitchen. Glass subway tile costs more to install, but can add wonderful depth.

Most tile choices are available on short notice—allowing you to buy samples and test them with your new countertops in place.

Keep in mind that special patterns or accents can become dated. Choose with the long term in mind.

Backsplash tile & grout: 2 Days

We are thrilled with how well our kitchen came together. We expected a chaotic process with demolition and reconstruction, but it was was smooth. All-in-all, a quality project, and we’ll definitely use them again!
— Kate T., via Houzz

Step Ten—Appliance Installation

Appliance installs can present various challenges: Dishwashers have to be leveled precisely in order to line up with newly installed cabinets. Ovens also have to be leveled to align with the new countertops. Vent Hoods can be particularly tricky.

This all requires an eye for detail and the right tools. The way this is done varies from one manufacturer to another. Our crews have done it all and we will make sure that the job is beautifully executed.

Appliance installs: 1 Day

The transformation was amazing. I almost cried I was so happy with my kitchen! It now looks like a kitchen out of a catalog. The best part is that it was done in a matter of hours, and cost us next to nothing.
— Rachel T., via Houzz

Step Eleven—Under Cabinet Lights

Under-cabinet-lights provide for a very pleasant working area in kitchens and an almost magical look—as they make upper cabinets appear to hover above them.

We love how IKEA has taken the use of lights to a new level: They can be dimmed to three settings and integrate very well with the cabinets. Moreover, they also offer drawer lights that turn on as you open the drawers.

These are energy-efficient LED lights that will last for years and all of these can be provided with our services.

Under Cabinet Lights Install: 1 Day

The finished job is beautiful and we are pleased with all the workers on the job. They were respectful, friendly and very knowledgeable about their craft. We would recommend Delightful Kitchens.
— Ceil R., via Houzz

Step Twelve—Final Electrical & Cleanup

All electrical fittings such as hanging pendant lights, fitting trim rings for can lights, cover plates for switches and plugs are completed.

Although old cabinets are typically hauled off by this stage, there will be quite a bit of additional construction debris and boxes that will be collected at this time. Once this is completed, we do the final cleanup, to ensure your kitchen looks beautiful.

Final Electrical, Cleanup and Punch List: 12 Days

With the final punch list completed, your project will be done—with a

delightful new kitchen in your home!

Contact us today to get your free estimate.